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Born and raised in Reno, NV where I competed in a few sports. Found my knack for cross country and track in my sophomore year at Galena High School. Had some moderate success in high school but nothing too crazy. ~16:30 5k, ~4:30 mile, ~10:00 two-mile, & best of all 4A Nevada State Team Champions my senior year (high school xc is the best!)

I was lucky enough to draw interest from some small D2 schools. There are no men’s cross country or track teams in Nevada so had to make the choice of whether I wanted to go out-of-state and run or stay home and not run. I decided to go run for Cal State Monterey Bay on a small scholarship. Although I had many ups and downs during college, I was never quite able to find my rhythm or place in the competitive world of collegiate 8k’s and track races. Burn out was inevitable and ‘peaking’ was rare. My stubbornness at the time led me to have many disagreements with the structure of training. Eventually, for my senior year, I decided to focus on school and training on my own.

Over time of slipping away from the competitive collegiate scene, I discovered the idea of running high mileage and long distances. This led me to many new ideas about running and I soon stumbled across the world of trail running and ultras. While running a lot of miles my junior years in college I chose to do a local 100k ultra. It proved to be the most demanding and exhilarating experience I had ever had in running. I have since graduated summa cum laude in Health & Human Services from CSUMB and am taking time to decide where to go from here. I recently just moved to Colorado Springs with my amazing girlfriend Jennie and am focusing much of my energy on this great sport.

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